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How can you find a tutor or tuition? Process:


1. Contact us for a tutor

Contact us by a phone call /fill up the hire tutor form /email /text sms. When we get's your voice call /text application about a tutor /tuition, according by your requirements we confirm you the best tutor from you nearest location within 24/48 hours





2. Take a demo class

After conformed your tutor by bdtutor24, you can take one more demo class's or interview with the tutor. In this section guardian /student will be clear about of tutor's efficiency as well & tutor also gets concept about a student or others.





3. Confirm the tutor

After taking demo class's guardian/student /tutor could be understated about each other & also can decide about the tutor /student. If there anybody feels that this tutor /student not suitable for her, we will exchange the tutor /tuition soon.





Whenever comes the necessity of extra nurturing of the students, Private Tutor plays a vital role alongside the school. For the best performance on the homework or test preparation tutoring is a common term in the whole world. Comparatively, a private teacher can’t help your kids for leaning the class subject only, he/she is responsible for finding out the actual weakness for competition with the trends on the future career and excellent results.

Surprisingly, A Private Tutor can take care of your child than the wide range of the education on school, college or university. Likewise, the guardians who know the world better, they prefer to keep their children under a well-qualified tutor. They want to provide their child the available source of knowledge in the proper way. Here Private Tutor works as the reliable persons. With this in mind, BdTutor24 is the suitable place to find out the talent among the so-called media or personal reference all over Bangladesh.

Why Tuition Media & bdTutor24.Com?


BdTutor24.Com is the well-known place for the guardians who want the reliable and well-qualified teachers or private house tutor from Bangladesh. The selection process and requirements of the guardians have made us different from the traditional tuition media. That's why we can offer you the best support for finding a private home tutor. We always provide the best tutor from current location of a student & for this process we take only 24/48 hours.





We provide the tutoring from Kindergarten to School, College, University Admission or Competitive Exams. At the same time, we help to increase your specialty in English, Computer, SAT, GED, GRE or IELTS. As the guardian, we know the importance of our future leader of the nation. At the same time, we know the quality and the characteristics of a Private Tutor who can build your child as the greatest by the mind as well as the smart work for academic results.





With this in mind, bdtutor24.com which has combined the necessity of the guardians and the perfections of the teachers. So, if you are looking for the tutors in Dhaka Bangladesh, bdtutor24 can be your suitable place to find out a well-qualified Private Tutor and well-mannered guardians (For the Teachers). In one word, bdtutor24 is working to make the connection with the qualified teachers in every subject and the knowledge hunter students.





The teachers of BdTutor24 are well-mannered, educated and have a strong educational background both on SSC, HSC, and University level. Check The Teachers profile from our database or office.


You can take a look at the below of the educational institute our respectful teachers cover:

  • Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
  • University of Dhaka (DU)
  • Public Medical College
  • Jahangirnagar University (JU)
  • Khulna University of Engineering & Technology (KUET)
  • Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University (SAU)
  • Jagannath University (JNU)
  • North-South University (NSU)
  • BRAC University
  • Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
  • IUBT, AIUB, ASA, AIUB, DIU, East West, UIU
  • Public University outside of Dhaka
  • At the same time, The English Medium Teachers have completed their education with O-Level and A-Level and studying at the leading university in Dhaka now. They are mostly from the below Institute.

  • Academia
  • BAF Shaheen English Medium School
  • Dhanmondi Tutorial
  • East-West Int School
  • European Standard School
  • Green Gems International School
  • International Turkish Hope School
  • International School Dhaka (ISD)
  • Scholastica
  • Mastermind
  • Oxford International School
  • Australian International School
  • Greenherald International
  • Sunnydale
  • Maple Leaf International School
  • Manarat Dhaka International College
  • Seabreeze International School
  • South Breeze School
  • Sunbeams
  • Willes Little Flower School & College etc.


    BDTutor24 supports for any type of Private Tutor considering the class of the students and your requirements. I have just listed some of the popular level and subjects in the below. But we will request to call us for knowing the details or specific needs of you.

    • Play, KG, STD (I-VIII)

    • Class 1 to Class 12 (Bangla and English medium, English Version)

    • Play, KG, STD (I-VIII) for IB Curriculum/Lerner

    • O/A level (Male/Female teachers) for Science and Commerce.

    • O/A Level (Male/Female teachers) from British Curriculum.

    • O/A Level (Male/Female teachers) from American Curriculum

    • Math, English for School, College & University students.

    • Spoken English 



    • Computer training & others skill development guide.

    • Art, Music, Musical Instruction,Dance

    • Hand writing, Short hand.

    • Any types course's on home by experienced teachers (etc).


    Are you looking for a house tutor?

    If you looking for a quality private house tutor /tuition from your current location, Don't hesitate to contact/call us.
    For Assistance! Tel: 01797-177368



    BdTutor 24 believes in quality, and we always update the database for ensuring the best tutor for the students. Similarly, we control all the process individually all the teachers and students, their need and choice.

    BDTutor24 is affordable when we are doing the whole work for you to choose the best teachers. We maintain a small service fee for one time of selecting the teachers for you for managing the work with quality service. Indeed, we respect the words of you. So, you can contact us at any time for more details.
    BDTutor 24 maintains an excellent database for choosing your preferred tutors. Not to mention, we update the profile always to give you the most of the information of the teachers. Even we share the previous feedback from the teachers if available to us.
    When you will search the database or call us with your location and requirements, we will help to find out the best Tutor who is ready to maintain great time-schedule and experts in your desired subjects. Even you can search with the skills, experience or education background. At the same time, if he/she is available in your location.
    What is the problem and where is the actual weakness of your child? Are you looking for Math teachers or the problem mostly on Calculus? On the other hand, your kids do not understand the terms like conjugate verbs, the transformation of the sentence or voice or he/she is very weak in periodic table, Circuits or Botany. We can easily define the category for you from the specific subjects. So, you can stay in the safe position for the best results of your boys or girls.
    BDTutor24 is not off in a single day. So you can touch us at any time. As you will get all the process on our website or group or page, you can take the support in the different ways. So, we can assure it will not make you delay for any reason.
    What types of support you need regarding education and for the development of your children. We are ready to help you, and we do not compromise to build a great future for your child. So, never hesitate to contact us for any reasons of growing a stable future.
    * Uttara
    * Dhanmondi
    * Gulshan
    * Banani
    * Baridhara
    * MIrpur
    * Baridhara / Mirpur / Mohakhali / Banani DOSH’s
    * Other's all area in Dhaka-
    We are human not the robot, but for ensuring the flexible support, we are ready for 24/7 hours for you. Even we can solve any issues within days. We want to create a good environment and reliable ways for providing Private Tutor. So, you can depend on us for taking care of your child.

    The Advantages of Private Tutor?

    Sometimes, we can’t understand if Private Tutoring is helpful for the students. In reality, Private Tutoring has become as one of the best ways to take useful education with your desired times and preferable location. For this reason, when the students can’t learn some little too challenging subjects or lesson from the crowd o the classroom, then Private Tutoring can help them to overcome it with special care. By the same token, they can’t go behind than his friends. With this in mind, the students can walk with the most talented circle in his age.

    At the same time, Private Tutor can help the students to reduce the stress for coming exam. Most of the students can’t do good results with the best preparation for anxiety and fear of examination. In this case, a private tutor helps the students to overcome the fear and stress. On the other hand, School is very traditional for covering the syllabus which is not enough for growing a student.

    It can’t make a right basement when Home Tutor can do it with particular concern. At last, for going forward with the combination of the technology and trends and to make the lesson enjoyable, a Private Tutor can work with comfort. Significantly, Researchers show that the students who get the facilities of a Private Tutor do well in the education, career and above all in the life.

    So Private Tutor Can Help The Students

    • To Cover the Tough Lesson in the possible easiest ways
    • To reduce the stress for the coming exam
    • For growing strong foundations educationally and General Knowledge
    • To learn the subjects with enjoyment
    • To go ahead faster than others
    • To increase the confidence of the students
    • Motivating on reading the academic subjects for making good results
    • Ensuring good discipline in manner

    Notably, the advantages of keeping a Private Tutor can help you to stay tension free for doing well in the education and giving mental and overall support for making the long-lasting foundation, good results and doing well in the whole life.

    Traditional Tuition Media Vs. BDTutor24.Com

    We (bdTutor24) is entirely different for choosing the teachers and providing the service than Traditional Tuition Media. Mainly, we focus on education process of the teachers who can help the students to reach the education goal to make different from other students in education and manner. When you have no way to choose from the vast database or list, BDTutor24 is ensuring getting the best one for you. You can easily filter by location, skills and educational institution. You will get the facility from others.

    If you want to discuss with the teachers personally, you can do it from the profile details. You can do it securely by checking the previous records. You can ask for the hard copy of the Resume from the students as well. If you think you want to take VIVA of the teachers, you can also do it. BDTutor24 wants to support you for any of the reasons to get the best Home Tutor. For this reason, you can do or ask anything from teachers or us before joining as the Private Tutor of you. You will not get this type of frankly speaking ways anywhere for choosing the home tutor for your beloved child. Read

    BDTutor24 is only the place to help you find the perfect match for your next Private Home Tutor, and we are working our best to make the service amazing with the feedback from you. We are updating the database, and it is increasing daily. A lot of students are being engaged with BDTutor24. So, if you are one of them who want to build a great future and good results in the academy, then BDTutor24 can be your desired place to choose the best teachers or Home Tutor in Dhaka Bangladesh. We are always at your side. So, contact us at any time and build the future of your children. The best satisfaction of BDTutor24 is helping a family to develop the nation with some healthy students.

    How BdTutor24 Works?

    Talk with our Representatives

    Visit our website and make an account. Then access the database of our respective teachers. If you feel to take the help of our representatives and do not want to access the website, you can tell us to do it for you also. Then talk with our contact number, and we will help you to get the best teachers for you.

    Check tutors profiles & previous feedback

    Now check the profiles of the teachers, filter by skills, location, subject or educational institution. It will show you the complete list of the teachers. Then open the profile and read the previous feedback. Make a list of 4-5 teachers from this step.

    Select the desired house tutor

    At this point, call the teachers directly from here and make the deals with your desired time, subjects, location or others. You can also talk with us to take full support of us. Then Complete choosing your desired teachers. For any types of support, you always get us at your side. So, no hesitation to contact us or show your requirements.



    BdTutor24 inspires and train up the teachers and give them supplements to teach the students with good care and attention. For this reason, students always love the teachers of BDTutor24.

    Get the solution what they desire:

    Most of the cases when you tell the problem of your students or the requirements of your child, we work to find out the best match for you. For this reason, it is very tough to get the irregular or unqualified teachers from us. At the same time, we try to choose a teacher who is especially good on the topics, subject or lesson you want.


    When we select a teacher we give more importance here. If he/she is only from the bookish knowledge or exceptional? We know that the skills impact the students to grow up or memorize. For this reason, we always try to look here. It is a great chance to provide a great coach for your child to ensure an awesome childhood.

    Strong Academic Background:

    We don’t give priority who are not qualified educationally and are not from a strong educational background. It helps to teach the students with their requirements. It is really helpful to make the students innovative and for ensuring the good results.

    Solve the Problem Intelligently:

    Doing the class work is not the primary task of the teachers of BDTutor24. We know the students need more skill in problem-solving. For this reason, our teachers try to solve the homework. At the same time, they teach some exceptional ways to solve the problem. It increases the intelligence of the students.

    Help to Get highest marks:

    Overall, a good result is the proof of taking care and right experience of the teachers. So, we give the highest importance here for doing well in the exam. Our teachers maintain it carefully.