Terms and Conditions: BdTuotr24

BdTutor24 is ensuring the terms and condition, and when you are taking any service from us, you should read this page for better information and security purposes. As a condition, you are ready to follow the guideline of BdTutor and can’t do any unlawful activities with us and students and teachers. When you take any service from us, you should check it with your own liabilities. BdTutor24 is confirming the good service always, but if you waste anything or misbehave with the teachers or if the teachers get anything for your disagreement or if they happen any unsatisfied work for your fault we are not liable.

Our duty is ensuring the best support and providing all the information which is necessary for you. If you think you should be careful or follow the law of Government or your locality, you should take the NID, Education Proof or Character Certificate from the institution of the teachers. If you make us guilty, it will be only the harassment nothing will be solved. For this reason, check and confirm before taking the service and ensure 100% satisfaction and collect necessary documents for your safety. Surely, you can ask us for the required documents to stay in the safe position.

Privacy Policy:

BdTutor.Com is very reliable for your security and protecting the information providing us with taking the service. If anything needs for the requirements of the Govt. or authority access, we may give the entrance some of your information. Otherwise, the information or essential documents are entirely safe on BdTutor24. Apart from, we will not inspire to share anything which is very personal assets and not safe for you to share with anyone. We are not liable or not depending on you, but you are safe according to the law of Bangladesh.


BdTutor24.Com is a tutoring service which provides online based House Tutor and others education service. So, the necessary contact information is provided here. If anyone wants or insist you give the news with our name without the official contact number of us, we will not take the liabilities of this. Furthermore, we inspire to share with us before making any decisions about us. We never contact without the official number, so be careful to check if you are dealing with the right persons of BdTutor24. As you are one of the persons of our community, so maintaining the maximum safety is our priority.

Copyright Notice:

With the name of BdTutor24.Com, BdTutor24 or BD Tutor 24 we are providing the service and our web address is www.bdtutor24.com, so it is the asses of us, and we are doing all the things as the registered member. We are following the law of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. So using the same name or doing anything with the name of us is the breaking of the law. We can take the help of the authority for saving the Intellectual Property of us. So, if you need to know the activist or copyright assets, sincerely you can contact us. On the other hand, the content, image and profile data is the personal assets of BdTutor 24, so using it without the prior notice of BdTutor24 is breaking the rule of our data center. So, if you use it and face any problem with the search engine, we will not take the liability of you. Thus, doing anything with the data or content of BdTutor 24 are prohibited, somewhat right decisions to contact us.

Cookie Policy:

We use the cookie for ensuring the right user engagement of you. To get the proper service of us, we can collect the data from your browser which is only to increase the user satisfaction. Otherwise, we have nothing to take. We save it to the secured data server, and your browser will keep it also as secure. So, you have no risk of adding the data or taking the service from us. We are maintaining the website from US Data Center, so you are entirely safe for accessing the site. If you see any ads or third-party activity in the service, we will inspire to check your own duty. We will not take any liability if you get any misbehave outside of BdTutor24.

Want to know more?

If we change anything in our terms and condition or privacy policy, we will update here, so when taking the service every time check this page for more updated information. For any issues or more information, we inspire to contact us from the contact page or officially.